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First Sunday Arts Festival vendors for October 7, 2018

First Sunday Arts 2018 October

Space Name Vendor Type

1st block of West Street

1 Avner Ofer Avner Ofer Photography Photography

2 Kristina Huddle Bozie's Bags-n-Wags Purses & Dog Acc.

3 Kate Gibney LucidArts Jewelry

4 Elizabeth Ramirez Wimsey Cove Maps

5 Julia Sclar Julia Sclar Pottery Pottery

6 Deborah Hines River Rock Glass Studio Fused Glass

7 Scott James Lucky Bird Tattoo Art, Clothing,Tattoo Display

8 Judith Carr Bumbershoots by Nana Sleep Sacks

9 Jeffrey OH Jeffrey OH Woodworking Woodwork & Paintings

10 Suzanne Basta The Vintage Punk Jewelry

11 Jessica Krishnamoorthy Mr. Blueberry Clothing

12 Michael Pivec & Ashley Garland Returning Tide Wood Turning & Paintings

13 Laura Moore Laura Moore Designs Jewelry

17 Ruth McGovern By the Bay Creations Driftwood Sailboats

18 Amelia Arria Cityshapes Photography Photography

19 Ruth Laughner Thru the Vine Pillows

20 Mallory Newcomer Designs by Mallory Prints & Cards

22 Steve Miller Steven L. Miller Words & Images Photography

22.5 Wine & Design Wine & Design Paintings & Jewelry

23 Angela Lacey Beltway Merch Belts, Pet Collars, Hair Acc.

24 Nevan & Doug Wise Printemps Pottery Pottery

25 Christine Brennan Schmidt ChrisBrenSchmidt Photography Photography

26 Regen Linn Alloyed Earth Jewelry Jewelry

27 Yunzhi Sun Y & S Hand Craft Corporation Wind Spinners

28 Qingwei Sun Y & S Hand Craft Corporation Garden Art

29 Cem H. Ozkok Old World Jewelry

30 Maritza F. Newman Maritza Silk Design Silk Clothing

31 Cary Loeser Leaf Fitter Sponsor

32 Trish Doty trish doty: brush, water & color Watercolors & Prints

32.5 Hallie Farley Graystone Handcrafted Jewelry Jewelry

33 Mitchell Dickinson Painted Sky Alpaca Farm Alpaca Garments & Acc.

34 Stephanie Harmony Girl Garage Designs Wood Hearts & Wall Art

35 April Alayne Always April Illustrations

36 Carlos Zepeda Cozaana Jewelry

37 Freyja Bernard Botany Lane Pottery Ceramics

38 Mark Wecht Naptown Fabric Studio Scarves, Hats, Bags, Quilts

39 David Scheirer David Scheirer Watercolors/Studio Tuesday Prints & Cards

39.5 Karen White Dogs on Deployment Nonprofit

40 Manny Zeevi Silver Star / Painted Coins Painted Coins

41 Adrienn Hruska Green Bands Headbands & Scarves

42 Bill Wierzalis Italy in Color Photography

43 Bernie Houston Sea Drift Sculptures Driftwood Sculptures

44 Tybar Middlekauff Wicked Rabyt Candles

45 Deanna Williams Handmade by Deanna Bags & Acc.

46 Craig Dreyer Dreyer Furniture Furniture

46.5 Tracey Paez Board Mama Designs Reclaimed Wood Art

47 Janice Brock Janice's Table Linens & Aprons

48 Sheryl Schmidt Sheryl Schmidt Beach Art Paintings

49 Barclay McCauley Barclay Soap Co. Soaps

50 Claire Guerra Twinkle Candle Company Candles & Soaps

51 Gayle-Ann Lehmann Annapolis Professional Firefighters Local 1926 Nonprofit

52 Neil Vosters Randalia Bee Hives Honey & Skin Care Products

53 Margaret Molinari Margarts Fabric Goods,Totes, Art

54 Tricia Eddis The Wooden Wolf Art

56 Danielle Hawks Urban Pulse Soaps & Candles

57 Mary Hatfield Mary's Ceramic Tiles Ceramic Tiles/Coasters

58 Alice Kimball Lost Marbles Jewelry

59 Rich Kowalewski Island Time Crafts Nautical Home Décor

60 Scott Palcher American Design & Build Sponsor

61 Nora Humm Distinguishing Marks Wood Pens & Jewelry

62 Tom Anderson Olde Dog Sail Cloth Bags & Art

63 Stacey Duvall Soy Love Candles Candles

64 Patricia De los Rios Peruvian Trend/The E-Globe Alpaca Clothing & Acc.

66 Mary Jo Light Happy Metal Art Metal Art & Bags

67 Anne Taylor Parker Place Recycled Rugs,Ceiling Tiles

68 Ben May Ben May Clay Pottery

69 Christine Cots Annapolis Henna Henna, Tattoos, & Art

70 Lisa Hall Baby Ventures, LLC Children's Books & Artwork

Whitehall Marilyn Lyons Friends of the Annapolis Symphony Nonprofit

2nd block of West Street

2 Dianne Hirsch Dos Gatos Artisan Jewelry Jewelry

3 Edward Heller Chocolate Moonshine Chocolate

4 Mark Weiler Wy's Wings / SAUCE IT ALL Sauces

5 Jennifer Reynolds The Bathing Raven Candles & Soaps

6 Sue Whitehouse-Evenson Tres Jolie Designs by Sue Jewelry

8 Tish Coale KitchenSaver Sponsor

9 Velarae Bell Velarae Designs Oil, Pastel, Charcoal Art

10 Dave Cook Mythos Hand Dyed Clothing

12 Sarah Bull Line Yarn & String Decorative Oars & Jewelry

13 Robert F. Lackey Robert F. Lackey Historical Novels

14 Abigail Houff Gilded Peach Artisan Jewelry Jewelry

14.5 Brian Deppa & Gordon Close Guitars for the Troops Non-profit

15 Mary Mangino Family First Images Paintings,Photography,Cards

16 Sherry Nikolich Nature's Garland Dried & Silk Flowers

17 Margie Samero Step By Stepping Stones Concrete Stones/Glass Windows

18 Geraldine Butler Geraldine Butler Studio Oil Paintings & Prints

20 Trish Witkowski Fresh Cut Crafts Cut Craft Cards & Products

21 Mary Shultz Unique & Just Right For You Jewelry

22 Ray Hart Rayhart Paintings & Prints

23 Stephen Wise Festival T's Ice Dyed T-Shirts

24 Rosalie Essimi Menye Boso Foods LLC Roasted Nuts

25 Yasmin Bowers YB Green Jewelry Jewelry

26 Rebecca McHugh Severn Woods Soapworks Soaps, Lotions, Towels

27 Dan Haggerty DanCandle Candles

28 George P. Howell George P. Howell Photographic Art & Paintings

29 Jackie Swartz JSS Designs Jewelry

30 Daniel Rozmiarek Daniel Rozmiarek Photography Photography

3rd block of West Street

31 Devyn Kiszewski & Katriel Menendez Nativo Condiments & Seasonings Seasonings

32 Shannon Simpkins CraftFit by Shannon Painted Mason Jar Decor

33 Kristen Lohman Lowlights Art Paintings, Prints, Cards

34 Kristen Lohman Lowlights Art Paintings, Prints, Cards

35 Mark Cheben Cindy Loo Hoo's Clothing & Women's Acc

Whitmore Park

1 Bernadette Knoebel-Swann Dettas Delight Painted Crab Bushel Lids

2 Ashley Moore Bella Laine Body Care Products & Jewelry

3 Devayani Sinha Love & Peace Creations Crocheted Animals,Scarves

4 Devayani Sinha Real Food Real Tasty Sauces, Hot Sauce, Preserves

5 Raymond Rouse The Red Tile Chess Sets

6 Sandy Calderone Jewelry & Soaps

7 Liz Lawson Lizard Arts - Face & Body Painting Face Painting

8 Lindsay Doker eastcoastflowacrylic Abstract Art

10 Kim Pernia & Veleria Battle Kimming Jewelry Jewelry

11 Trevor Gryffyn Annapolis Makerspace/Makerspace of Annapolis Non-profit

12 Eileen Lee e.c. ornaments Ornaments & Jewelry

13 Retta Brant/Mack ART thy Father Photography, Keychains

14 Juanda Rogers The Real Stuff Jewelry Jewelry

15 Anne Moulakis IS A Candle Candles

16 Meredith Ormsby Grateful Glass Stained Glass

17 Sheila Brant Brantview Farms Maple Maple Sugar,Syrup,CottonCandy

18 Geovanny Ayala T-Moblie Sponsor

20 Richard Cermak Northwoods Beads Jewelry

21 Eric & Laura Mahaffey Annapolis Caramel Company Caramels

22 Michael Guy Tomassoni MGT art Pen & Ink Art

23 Tina Thall Fizzies by TT Bath Products

24 Cindy Kippax Kippax Decorative Art Stained Glass

25 Jessi Chmielewski JessiWayne Farm Maple Sugar,Seedlings,Produce

26 Brittany Sard Petals for Hope Plants & Childrens Activity

27 Katie Spruell The Bearded Bee Homestead Soaps & Baby products

28 Stephen & Laura Cimino Third Eye Supply Tibetan Crafts

30 Mark Port Port Furniture Wood Jewelry Boxes, Clocks

31 Cynthia Bell Velarae Designs Drawings

32 Bob Paulding Bob Paulding Photography Book & Prints

33 Steve Rowlands Lat Long Studio Art Truck

35 Chris O'Kieffe Kona Ice Shaved Ice Foodtruck

37 John Talman IV J.T.'s Specialties-CrabTownCurbs Cuisine Seafood Foodtruck


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